Astec Paints - Information

Imagination To Meet Your Needs The Astec Living Colour Palette was carefully chosen to satisfy classic, contemporary & high fashion designer living.  Classic colours that transcend a timeless appeal to satisfy your heritage and restoration requirements. Contemporary colours specify to family lifestyles, prioritizing family areas, alfresco living & children’s space. All sympathetic to your growing family needs & building the Australian dream. Cutting edge fashion colours for your discerning tastes.

Choosing Your Colour Scheme Before selecting your new colour scheme, it is important to consider the size and function of the room or area to be painted, as well as it’s architectural style and natural lighting. Any or all of these aspects will affect the overall look & feel of the room. To help you choose the perfect colour scheme, simply download our colour chart or alternately pick up a selection of Astec colour chips to co-ordinate with your furnishings & then trial your paint choices at home with the Astec Paints Sample Pots. Astec computer colour matching service is available.


How Much Paint Will You Need? By following these basic steps, working out the amount of paint you’ll need is easy. Measure each surface to be painted by multiplying the height by the length or width. Calculate the areas that won’t be painted, such as doorways & windows. Subtract the non-paint areas from the overall surface area. This provides an estimate of the number of square metres to be painted. To work out how much paint you will need to purchase, simply divide you estimate by the number of square metres specified under “Coverage” on every can. Remember: Most jobs require two coats of paint as a rule, it is always better to have a little too much paint than not enough.


Surface Preparation
Thorough surface preparation is the key to a good paint job. For a professional paint finish, be sure to follow all the preparation hints & instructions on the back of the can.