Automotive Paint Info

At Lonsdale Paints, we supply our range of colours in ACRYLIC, C.O.B. – (Clear over Base) or 2 Pack. You must decide which one suits your situation or capabilities.

Acrylic: The easiest and generally the cheapest paint. It is the quickest drying so application mistakes are reduced, it may be clear coated with ACRYLIC CLEAR and polished or Clear Coated with 2 PACK CLEAR and either left “off the gun” or polished. For the inexperienced, a professional finish is easily achieved.

C.O.B: (Clear over Base) is generally used by professionals. It is easy to apply requiring no hardener in the colour coats but it must be Clear Coated. Spray booth conditions should be used. Colour dries flat or without a gloss.

2 PACK: This product is so good it is able to be painted directly onto chrome or alloy. This same paint can be applied to your car, boat, truck or motorcycle for the ultimate finish. Spray Booth Conditions should be used.

Please note Do not intermix products with other brand paints. Factors relating to “ease of application”, hardness and longevity have all been carefully considered.
Lonsdale Paints supply everything you will need for the BEST possible finish, so why compromise?