Taubmans Paints - Interior/Exterior

TAUBMANS PAINTS – Interior & Exterior

Lonsdale Paints have the full range of Taubmans interior & exterior paints. Taubmans quality range covers the full variety of applications, with different products to suit all surfaces and requirements.

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Taubmans Endure Interior

Taubmans Endure Interior paint provides excellent protection throughout the life of the paint so you will have a cleaner and healthier home environment. This is why Taubmans Endure is the only interior paint with a 15 year guarantee*.

Taubmans Living Proof Silk

Taubmans Living Proof Silk is paint made for living. Incorporating the innovation of Teflon, Living Proof Silk is an extremely durable and stain resistant paint making it ideal for all areas around the home. The Teflon in Living Proof Silk stops stains sticking allowing them to be easily wiped away, leaving your walls feeling silky smooth. It is suitable for walls around the home including bedrooms, lounge rooms, dining rooms and hallways. It can be confidently used in high traffic areas and on doors and architraves. Teflon makes your walls smooth and washable.

Taubmans Easy Coat

Taubmans Easy Coat is a quality, durable interior water based wall paint. Easycoat includes Microban which provides antimicrobial protection against the growth of mould, mildew and fungus on painted surfaces. Mould and Mildew spores circulate in the air and adhere to walls and surfaces where they grow and develop into familiar black discolorations. Microban in Taubmans Easy Coat is different, and is developed to be effective throughout the life of the paint so you can have peace of mind that your home and family are protected.
Easy Coat is especially useful for use in damp areas of the home and in rooms that suffer from high humidity, as the Microban prevents the mould and mildew spores from growing, the end result being better air quality.

Taubmans Ultra Enamel Gloss

Taubmans Ultra Enamel Gloss is a high performance, oil based enamel paint. It’s designed for surfaces such as skirting boards, windows, architraves and doors where a high gloss finish is required. Being solvent based, Taubmans Ultra Enamel Gloss requires mineral turps clean up and should only be used in well ventilated rooms.


Taubmans Endure Exterior

Taubmans Endure Exterior paint is tough, repels dirt, and provides superior protection from the extremes of sun, wind and rain. This is why Taubmans Endure is the only exterior paint with a 15 year guarantee*.

Taubmans All Weather

Taubmans All Weather is a self priming water based paint that provides adequate protection for exterior surfaces, as well as a total UV blockout and dirt shedding technology. It comes with a 10 year guarantee* against peeling, flaking and blistering.