Fire Glaze® Polish

FIRE GLAZE 355ml for $55.00.

The finest polish for your car, airplane, boat, motorcycle, stainless steel, fiberglass, chrome, and polished aluminum in the world’s market.
A high-gloss, all-climate paint protectant and sealant.
Fire Glaze absorbs harmful UV rays, allows paint to breath.
Contains Tempera-Flex® – a Fire Glaze Formula that creates a luster shine.

Fire Glaze Plus Paint Sealant (Fire Glaze Plus Professional Polish) is the world’s finest and most effective auto paint sealant and protectant. Only Fire Glaze Plus Paint Sealant contains TemperaFlex , exclusively formulated to prepare polish and seal and protect your car’s paint finish in one non-renewable application.  Only Fire Glaze Plus Paint Sealant is guaranteed to keep your new car “Showroom” bright up to three years.

Fire Glaze Plus Paint Sealant is an exclusive paint sealant that flows like liquid glass, penetrating and sealing your car paint’s surface leaving an ultra high gloss finish. Blending into the paint rather than just remaining on the surface. Fire Glaze Plus Paint Sealant fills in tiny valleys of pinpoint paint pores, hairline cracks and crevices smoothing out spots where grime clings and corrosion begins, while leaving a glassy silky smooth, but rockhard finish.