Astec Paints - Exterior


We are proudly Adelaides distributors for Astec Paints Australia. They are a 100% Australian owned company and over the past two decades we have earned worldwide recognition as a name synonymous with Superior Quality and Reliability. Below are some of the Astec Exterior range we have to offer.  Our staff are qualified to help you choose the perfect colour scheme and why not trial your paint choices at home with the Astec Paints Sample Pots. We have the Astec computer colour matching service available.


ARMAFLEX is a 100% acrylic High Volume Solids Exterior Coating, fortified with unique flow and levelling agents for excellent ease in application. The product dries to a hard wearing yet flexible film that bonds tenaciously to the correct prepared surfaces. Ready to use without primer on timber, masonry, fibro and galvanised metal. Armaflex maintains its clean depth of colour against the extremes of weather for up to ten years.


EC-2000 is a 100% acrylic Crack Bridging coating designed for the long term protection of masonry walls. EC-2000 possesses outstanding exterior durability and the elasticity and elongation properties necessary to bridge continually moving cracks without itself cracking or wrinkling. EC-2000 will bridge a potential crack 4.9 times its dry film thickness. 350 microns dry will tolerate a potential crack of 1.75mm

SUNTUFF is a 100% acrylic


SUNTUFF is a 100% acrylic, non splatter coating that is suitable for most exterior applications. It is a high film strength material that dries to a hard, yet flexible film that bonds tenaciously to most un-primed construction materials. Ready to use without primer on timber, masonry, fibro and galvanised metal. Suntuff maintains its clean depth of colour against the extremes of weather for up to ten years.


ARMATEX is a range of 100% Acrylic Texture Finishes. The products are formulated to provide a ready to use material that can be applied straight from the drum by wither Trowel, Roller or Spray to suitably prepared vertical walls. The final result is a unique textured finish that is hard wearing, flexible and transforms concrete, brick, fibro and many other construction materials into a decorative rendered wall appearance.


A premium product, Tripleflex 3 in 1 is a low odour, exterior grade sealer / primer / undercoat, with
good opacity, direct to substrate adhesion and roller splatter resistance.
The product is manufactured as a heavy bodied mica based S/P/U that will provide excellent base coat opacity and good blister resistance on exterior surfaces.

Suitable Substrates:
Tripleflex 3 in 1 is principally used in new construction or in the maintenance painting industry as a high grade base primer for timber, gyprock, fibro, brick and galvanized metal.



Solaflex – Gloss is a modified acrylic emulsion, which has been formulated as a topcoat for aged concrete roofing tiles. The product is designed to prevent moisture accumulating between the substrate and the coating but will also ‘breathe’, adapting well to Australia’s harsh freeze-thaw environment. The product was designed principally as a roofing topcoat but has also had extensive use in the maintenance painting industry on gutters, facias, out-door garden furniture and galvanised sheet. Solaflex – Gloss does not contain any harmful solvents making it of low toxicity and extremely safe for continual spray application.
Solaflex – Gloss is a non-flammable, low toxic topcoat that has been applied throughout Australia for over a decade. It’s continued use on over 100,000,000m2 of cement tiled roofing every year is testimony to its reliability and quality.

Suitable Substrates: Concrete Roofing Tiles. Gutters. Facias. Out-Door Garden Furniture. Galvanised Sheet.